Welcome to Wraysbury Players

Hello Wraysbury folk! We are still here! What fun we are having with the Covid-19 regulations – not! We have been unable to put on any shows since our Pantomime last January, so no May nor September plays, no Society Challenge, no nothing! Regretfully it looks like no Panto in January 2021 either. We should be rehearsing by now, and clearly, the rules prevent us from doing so.

Nevertheless we are keeping calm and carrying on! We continue to meet – remotely – on a regular basis, to stay in touch and keep up-to-date. We have decided to spend time and money overhauling our under-stage storage area in Wraysbury Village Halls to make it more efficient, storing costumes, props and everything else needed to put on shows, ready for when we can eventually put on the next show!

So, do not forget us! As a very famous international actor once said…

“We’ll be back!”